Thai Consulate Houston

Royal Thai Embassy

The Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, D.C. began its operations in 1901, though Thailand and The United States have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1833, during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, the seventh United States President, and the reign of His Majesty King Phra Nang Klao, or King Rama III of the Chakri Dynasty.

The Embassy houses the following offices:

Foreign Affairs and Consular Office

Office of the Defense Attache

Office of the Naval Attache

Office of the Air Attache

Office of Commercial Affairs

Office of Economic and Financial Affairs

Office of Agricultural Affairs

Office of Science and Technology


Tourism Authority of Thailand

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Wat Buddhavas of Houston

Buddhist temples are traditionally formed by the local community as a place for Buddhists to associate together and find solace in the teachings of the Buddha and practice their beliefs as a community. For   example, Buddhists come to give alms to the monks and make merit on special festival days and come to visit the temple and its monks on important milestones of their lives, for example, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, ascending to the monkshood, funerals, and similar occasions. Thai Buddhists in Houston and its surrounding communities created the temple on April 5, 1982.

Wat Buddhavas is located at 6007 Spindle Dr, Houston, TX 77086-3930. Tel. 281 820 3255



Thai Trade Center in the United States

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Offices are located in New York (tel. 212 482 0077), Chicago (tel. 312 787 3388), Los Angeles (tel. 323 466 9645), Miami (tel. 786 388 7888).